Host/hostess booth


Just like anyone else, people with service dogs like to go out to eat and this blog is to help anyone who is a host or hostess. When you see someone with a service dog enter your establishment, here are a few recommendations on what to do. First, most, but not all service dogs, have a vest or harness. If you see someone carrying a dog, it’s probably not a service dog, but not always. Second, it is unlawful to prevent entry to service dog. Please, do not make the person stand there and wait (in front of all the other people) while you go check with a manager. This can be extremely embarrassing for that person and this should be something that all hosts and hostesses should know. Thirdly, seat them in an appropriate area, not way over at the bar away from everything but not in a high-traffic area or by the kitchen door! Remember, while service dogs are highly trained not to be distracted and ignore loud noises and the smells of food and drink, please remember that they are also a patron and you should show them the same curtesy and respect as everyone else. Thank you!