We are now accepting applications from service dog owners to join NHCSSD! Membership is free and allows you to apply for financial assistance as it becomes available.


Fill out and print our NHCSSD Client Application. Mail the application, along with required documents, to:

PO Box 892
Dover, NH 03821-0892

Important Information

  • Must reside in the State of New Hampshire.
  • Must have a record of vet visits two years back and up to date on all shots.
  • The client will receive one exam, annual shots, and a blood draw.
    ***NHCSSD or Vet are not responsible for any additional procedures medicines .***
  • Clients may apply for other financial aid once available (i.e. medications, surgery, etc.).
    ***Being an NHCSSD client does not guarantee that you will receive assistance.***

Please contact us if you have any questions about joining NHCSSD.

preview of client application
Client Application