Golden Retriever puppy being trained as a service dog then as a fully trained service dog

Service Dog Training

“Where can I apply for a service dog?”

is one of the most common questions we get, and while we only provide financial assistance after you have your service dog, here are a few organizations that do place service dogs. Canine Companions in Santa Rosa CA (but with trainers and a support group in NH) Hero Pups in NH, ACTS in Center Conway NH, Operation Delta Dog in Hollis NH, Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs in NH, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind in NY. You can also have what’s known as an “owner trained dog” where you provide a dog to be trained, you can do this at Doggonit Training and No Monkey Business Dog Training both are in New Hampshire and Canine Academy in Berwick Maine.There are also what is known as “owner trained dogs” and they are still very good service dogs but the success rates of dogs from an organization are much higher but still only %50-%70 of these go on to become fully trained service dogs.