(picture July 12, 2015)

Everyone enjoys going to a summer blockbuster and here’s some tips to enjoy the movie with your service dog! Before going to the theater, I recommend taking the dog on a long walk, letting them run around and playing with them, or whatever else you can do so that they will be content to lay there for around two and a half to three hours. Right before the movie, you’re going to want to take them to the bathroom. Maybe give them a snack and give them the option of drinking water, but not too much. When choosing your seat, I would usually use the accessible seating at the Regal Fox Run in Newington, NH (pictured above) or Smitty’s Cinema in Sanford, ME where there’s lots of extra room and had Japhy lay beside me. If not, I recommend having the dog come into the row of seats with you, but make sure to check the floor, the last thing you want is to have them end up laying in a puddle of soda or snacking on a bunch of dropped candy or popcorn.