Golden retriever service dog playing next to a booth in restaurant

Indoor Dining (Part I-for patrons)

Everyone likes to go out to eat, even people with service dogs and here’s a few tips. Before being seated, make sure the host or hostess knows that your party includes a service dog. Once, I was with a group of people and some of them went ahead of me and we were seated with not enough room for the dog to go under the table.

Now, you will get questioning looks or outright questions as to the dog being in the restaurant. Unfortunately, this is part of having a service dog and over time you will learn to just ignore these. Although, every now and then, you get that person who smiles at you, or you hear a children’s bubbly laughter and you know, you just made someone’s day!

If the waitress or waiter does not ask (they usually do) you can ask them for extra water for the dog. If you ask them, they might bring you a bowl from the kitchen (and water with ice is always a nice treat for the dog).

to be continued…