NHCSSD logo next to a Golden Retriever service dog sitting next to a heart that says "Service dog awareness starts with you!"

Awareness Month

64 million adults and children have a disability in the United States but there are only an estimated 500,000 service dogs out of a population of 339,996,563 people nationwide (that means approximately .15% of service dogs compared to people) and the need for service dogs is growing. There’s no way to determine how many people with disabilities would need or want a service dog but assuming that even half the number of the disabled population would be eligible, that would mean there are 32,000,000 people that may need or want a service dog. By helping to spread service dog awareness you will not only be showing your support but you may motivate others to offer their support as well, maybe its in the form of a donation, or volunteering, or getting involved in another way!

September is the month that we remember,
the important jobs these dogs do,
and all the lives that they improve! – Brendan Madden